Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Manhattan Beach

Sometimes we like going to the beach in the afternoons. We have Brian meet us down there after work and just relax together. I took these pictures a few weeks ago, my kids love the beach especially in the Fall when there is not many people there. But what's not to like about the beach??? I get to soak up a little sun and my kids are completely zapped of energy when we get home. A win win situation.

I will tell you one thing, leaving Manhattan Beach is not going to be easy. We have about 1 more year before we move and we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can. Ella and Cole might have to be dragged kicking and screaming. Ella was shocked the other day when I told her there is only 1 Disneyland on this side of the country. (A fact that brings sheer joy to Brian's heart...how do you not like the happiest place of earth???)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 years of bliss

Brian likes to joke and tell everyone this when they ask how long we have been married. However, most people know I am Italian.

We both decided that we needed to do a trip for our 10 year. We have wanted to visit Hawaii for a long time and this gave us a good reason to finally do it. We were a little in shock as to what to do with ourselves when we got there with so much time and no kids but it didn't take long to become completely selfish again.

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I kept on trying to get a zoomed picture of this kid that I swear looked exactly like Jacob the werewolf. Brian was super annoyed.

This is the only hike we did...it was on a paved path for about 3/4 mile through a botanical garden...pathetic but we did swim in the waterfall which was so cold I almost died. Brian was waiting a good 20 minutes in the water before I was able to get in all the way.

Shaved ice is a weakness of mine. If Brian would have let me I probably would have gone back to this place 3 to 4 times a day. It was heavenly.

Sharks Cove...snorkeling there was like swimming in an aquarium.

There were a ton of these turtles in the water too. Some people snorkeled with them, I thought it looked fun until Brian reminded me of the special on Discovery where these turtles snap pieces of wood in half... and then said that could be my arm.

Pearl Harbor survivors...it was incredible to meet these men. p.s. I am wearing this hat because my forehead got so incredibly sunburned the previous day it was painful.