Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Capet Twillight Premiere

Okay, first of all, my camera is broke. I don't know what happened but I can't post my Halloween or anything else until I send it back...which requires me going to the post office...my absolute worst chore (if you get a package from me this is a big deal). This could take weeks, months...it just depends on how long I procrastinate. Anyway, I will have nothing new for awhile, which should not be anything new but I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving in the meantime.

So I went to the Twillight Premiere with my girlfriends...yes, we did scream along with hundreds of teenage fans and yes, I felt a little nerdy but it was so much fun and I figure I better do some things like this before we leave. And what better premiere to go to than that of my beloved Twillight. I still haven't seen the movie but it was interesting to watch how premieres work.
p.s. I now really want to be famous. I was so tempted to jump the fence and go running in the theater. One girl was actually picked from the crowd to see the premiere for having a Twillight tatoo...which she proudly displayed for all to see (yikes)...another was picked for her awesome vamp outfit. If only I would have known... Anyway, it was a fun night, as if I needed to be more star struck.

Access Hollywood


Jenny Garth who is the wife of Charlie

Stephanie Meyer, who by the way is the cousin of one of our best friends from Portland. I wanted to shout that out to her when she walked by and see if she might invite me in.


Jacob Black


A sobbing Twillight fan who had us in tears explaining how much she loved Twillight. I am not kidding when I thought Rachel Riley might have to recess her from hypervenilating. This is after she got Edward's signature.





Denny from Gray's Anatomy, I love him.


Some wild fans


Saturday, October 18, 2008

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5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions, 5 suprising facts, 5 tags


Joys (this is the order Brian told them to me)
Baked goods
Louis L'amour books
Alone time with Rach

LAX getting bombed
Kid's choking

Fantasy football
Military garments

Suprising Facts
I like some chick flicks
Used to wear cowboy boots to church
Can't stand milk
Used to have a tail (a hair tail, not a real tail, but that would even be cooler)
Slept naked from Freshman year until I got garments


My kids
Getting my back scratched
Fall time/ Halloween
Dancing /Singing

Saying my fears out loud (more likely to come true?)
Major disaster happening in LA while we live here (just to name a couple since we live minutes from both LAX and the beach...tsunami, terrorist bombing, earthquake, the city being swallowed up by the earth)
Getting locked in a bathroom (I had a bad experience with this when I was little and it makes me panicky everytime I go in a bathroom that you have to lock the door)
Walking to Missouri
The dark and possible ghost in the dark

Analysing people's relationships
See's candy
Reading love stories
Good music

Suprising Facts
I actually dread singing in church. (There is something so awkward about walking up to the stand in total silence, singing, and then smiling at everyone as you walk back to your seat in total silence.)
I am extremely clumsy
I can twirl a rifle like nobody's buisness
I lost my first wedding ring
I am shockingly good at the game show Family Feud

Brody and Kenz
Erin and Mike
Shane and Kim
Dave and Kirsten
Angie and Nick....you will need to start a blog for this but you have two kids now...it is a requirement.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Partners in Crime

This was the box from Cole's new chair. It kept them entertained for days.

Of course Ella gave Cole the broken pair.

Ella and Cole really do love each other...I think it is so funny to watch them play together.

Happy Birthday Cole Monster

Cole turned a year on Sept. 27! I honestly think that was the fastest year of my life and it makes me somewhat sad because Cole is such an enjoyable little baby. If all babies came to earth this way I think people would have more children. I still would like to have 4...Brian's count went down to 3?...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost 1 year


I can't believe Cole is almost a year old...he is growing like a weed and has changed so much (he came out with jet black hair) I actually got asked the other day if I bleached his hair!?? Only in L.A. would some nut job think I actually bleached my 1 year old's hair.

Summer Loving


Cole is pretty much drawn to whatever is naughty. I honestly am exhausted after a day with him....wires, outlets, blinds, standing on unstable objects, crawling into spaces he can't get out of, toilets...I don't remember Ella being like this. We have roughly 100,000 toys laying around our house at any given moment and Cole consistently goes for whatever is off limits. This particular day Cole took all our toothbrushes while I was cleaning the bathroom and dragged them all over the house. Disgusting

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poor Cole

Lately Cole has been falling asleep in some of the most uncomfortable positions. He keeps himself awake until the last possible second then collapses from sheer exhaustion. Most of the time we go to check on him after he has been sleeping a long time, he will just be playing in his crib not making a peep. He's a pretty content little baby (unless he's hungry).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Manhattan Beach

Ella and Cole love the beach...they have sand on every inch of their little bodies after about 5 minutes or so. Cole is really funny, he just scoots along the sand letting the waves hit him...he loves to try out all the different rocks and shells as he explores.

Oh How We Love Disneyland

Mom and Brittany came out to visit us last week. It was so fun to have them here as always. Brittany got out-shined by Aurora this Disneyland trip. If you can't tell we are on a first name basis with the princesses...if you had a dollar for every minute you spent waiting for the princesses you would be one rich sucker.