Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't want to hear it!

You do not have to tell me I am a lousy blogger, I already know. But you are going to appreciate this one because not only did I post a photo journal of summer 2009 but I also included a video that is truly for your entertainment. I almost feel bad posting it because everytime we watch it, we laugh hysterically at our little girl who has been living in LA for a little too long. Enjoy... Hope everyone is doing well.

Of course, life would not go on in our house without our visits to the see the children will happily wait in the 10 hour line it takes to get to them. (Cole is in love with Jasmine!) However, trying to get them to sit through a 1 hour sacrament meeting on Sunday is almost cruel and unusual torture.

We had some visitors this summer...My brother and his kids, Maddy and Luke and cousin Lydia came to spend a week with us.

Seth came too! He flew all by himself...we picked him up at the airport and after a few days of nonstop entertainment, we sent him back home to Utah. Brian says if anybody needs a little break from their kids, just send them up...we would be happy to take them.  Brian just told me not to write that...people might think I am serious. 

The animals at the LA zoo are really friendly!  

Are you kidding me?!   The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family.  Hopefully he gets Brian's temperament too.

So this is my one and only picture that I got from going to the finals of So You Think You Can Dance at the Kodak Theater...the sign says no cameras!? What!?  And I was so excited to get a shot of me and disappointing. But what really ticked me off is when I got into the theater I found out everyone except me had smuggled their cameras in and where snapping shots left and right.

Ella learned how to swim this summer thanks to Tami!  She loves her green googles.

The next series of picture took place within a time span of about 2 hours.

Ella's end of the year Preschool Party.

Owen, one of Ella's best buds...don't be decieved by the cute faces.  They are Bonnie and Clyde when you turn your back.

How we do weddings here in California.  After the ceremony, everyone was invited to strip down to their swimsuits for some sweet volleyball.  Awesome!

Our summer gym class...Superkids.  Cole's favorite thing to do was swing on the rings and give no one else a turn.  It was awesome!