Saturday, October 18, 2008

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5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions, 5 suprising facts, 5 tags


Joys (this is the order Brian told them to me)
Baked goods
Louis L'amour books
Alone time with Rach

LAX getting bombed
Kid's choking

Fantasy football
Military garments

Suprising Facts
I like some chick flicks
Used to wear cowboy boots to church
Can't stand milk
Used to have a tail (a hair tail, not a real tail, but that would even be cooler)
Slept naked from Freshman year until I got garments


My kids
Getting my back scratched
Fall time/ Halloween
Dancing /Singing

Saying my fears out loud (more likely to come true?)
Major disaster happening in LA while we live here (just to name a couple since we live minutes from both LAX and the beach...tsunami, terrorist bombing, earthquake, the city being swallowed up by the earth)
Getting locked in a bathroom (I had a bad experience with this when I was little and it makes me panicky everytime I go in a bathroom that you have to lock the door)
Walking to Missouri
The dark and possible ghost in the dark

Analysing people's relationships
See's candy
Reading love stories
Good music

Suprising Facts
I actually dread singing in church. (There is something so awkward about walking up to the stand in total silence, singing, and then smiling at everyone as you walk back to your seat in total silence.)
I am extremely clumsy
I can twirl a rifle like nobody's buisness
I lost my first wedding ring
I am shockingly good at the game show Family Feud

Brody and Kenz
Erin and Mike
Shane and Kim
Dave and Kirsten
Angie and will need to start a blog for this but you have two kids is a requirement.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Partners in Crime

This was the box from Cole's new chair. It kept them entertained for days.

Of course Ella gave Cole the broken pair.

Ella and Cole really do love each other...I think it is so funny to watch them play together.

Happy Birthday Cole Monster

Cole turned a year on Sept. 27! I honestly think that was the fastest year of my life and it makes me somewhat sad because Cole is such an enjoyable little baby. If all babies came to earth this way I think people would have more children. I still would like to have 4...Brian's count went down to 3?...