Friday, February 11, 2011

Our new home...

So, we just found out our new home will be Phoenix Arizona!

It came as a surprise since it wasn't where we had originally been told we were going but of course, we know by now you have to be flexible, nothing is ever a guarantee in the Air Force. We are excited about Phoenix though. There is only one minor detail that is concerning and it is the fact we will be moving there in the middle of JULY! So we will get a nice warm welcome into the desert. I am not sure how I feel about such extreme weather...every time I think of Arizona I think of Bella holding a cactus in the beginning of Twilight. We have lived in extreme bitter cold, rain almost all year round, 75 degrees year round, and now we will see how we handle extreme heat.

Just a random guess but I doubt we will get the number of visitors we have had here with the beach and Disneyland around the corner. I think in the 5 years we have lived here we have had 60 visitors come stay with us (that is not a joke) So basically Brian and I have been on 60 vacations in 5 year because you know when people come to visit us we act like we are on vacation too....stay up late, eat out, skip school, treats, toys, needless spending...wait, I do that anyway...

I still do not know how we are going to leave a place so beautiful and full of so many happy memories. Wow, it already makes me sad to think about...we have been happy here, it is hard not to be.

Happy Birthday Ella. 6 years old going on 20. She had a pajama party with all her girlfriends and of course Cole. She would not have her birthday party without him. I just barely noticed this but he looks like a pimp in this picture with that look on his face.

Disneyland with our family from Idaho. We got to meet Buzz this day because it was January and you don't have to wait a lifetime to get your picture with more than likely a short woman in a Buzz suit...I MEAN the coolest space hero ever.

Cole's sports class he just started. He happens to be the oldest and tallest in the class by a mile and so he out runs, out throws and out kicks all the other kids. He is in heaven during this hour and thinks he is the greatest that ever was!

It was so nice last week, we had to take a beach day. This is the aquarium at the end of our pier. I have given up trying to keep my kid's hands out of the contaminated touch pools. Gross.

Cole found two sand dollars at the beach that day and was so proud of himself.

This is the first time we tried body boarding with Cole. He was so happy and didn't really want to be bothered by anyone that day. He kept telling everyone, "I have to go surfing."

Disneyland with my brother and his family from Utah.

Karman, invite me to your Blog! Love, Rach