Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

This year's dance recital theme was "Toyland."  Miss Cari went all out as she does every year...her opening speech was done in a full sized barbie box! was out of control.  Definitely a crazy week but so much fun.  I was so proud of my students and especially little Ella who thought she was the queen of the recital.  The kids were so was a great night.  Thanks to everyone who came and supported me.  Here are some of the pictures.  

The "Wind it Up" dolls

Backstage at dress rehearsal...Ella got to watch from the side and get out of the kid's room for a couple hours...200 hundred kids...those poor volunteers...usually to never volunteer again.
p.s. This is the first picture I think we actually look alike??

This is Ella and Bailey...she was a jump rope girl.  I love her!

This is me attempting to take a picture with Ella and Cole after the show.

The teacher dance this year was Pinnochio's I've Got No Strings.  I was a dutch puppet with Miss Sabrina, Miss Carina was the russian, Miss Courtney and Nastasha were the can can puppets and Miss Cari was of course Pinnochio.  We laughed so hard choreographing this dance...Cari was hysterical.  She is now 5 months that carma or what?!!!!  Ella got to be the fairy who turned her into a real boy.

By the way, in case you are wondering, this is the lipstick I wear on a daily basis....

Ella awaiting her big moment.

This was the boys Power Ranger break dance.  They are actually really good...the little one is so cute...his name is Dunkin and I want to take him home.  I told Brian I wanted to put Cole in something like this one day...pretty sure that's not happening.

The Rainbow Bright girls

Ella was a Jack-in-the-box this year.  I loved this class and the song.  I got it off Party like a funny, you have to check it out.