Thursday, June 28, 2012


So we discovered this place called Jumpstreet and we could have stayed all day.  They have rows of trampolines, a foam pit, inflatable obstacle courses, a bull ride, and my favorite...a trampoline dodgeball court (I was surprised I only had to sign one waiver).  

So Cole and Ella really wanted to go and play dodgeball but they couldn't play unless an adult was with them...I just want you all to know that I entered the dodgeball courts fully aware that it was not the best idea.  Before the game started I was quickly trying to explain to my kids the object of the game is not to get hit, and right when the ref's whistle blew some seasoned 7 year old hits me like a bullseye...I was first to leave the court.  So embarrassing...Cole however was one of the last standing...haha, judging by the look on his face I think he was scared for his life.

Friday, June 15, 2012

So I have decided to be a better blogger...don't die of shock. I still don't believe in facebook:)but I love to see everyone and their families and so this is my way of making an effort to keep in touch with everyone I love...feel loved.

Our favorite time of year...Recital time.  Brian, sadly, has yet another recital to add to his resume, haha, it is good for him.  This was our first recital with the new studio I am teaching at...Ella did a really good job, she loves to dance and I swear I am not whispering that into her ear when she sleeps at night.

This was Cole's last day at school...he picked out his outfit.  He loves to get ready all by himself, hair and all and when he is done he wakes me up by blowing his minty fresh breath in my face.

Brian will never be able to escape Disneyland...poor guy.  We went with my parents and my niece this May and it was magical!!!!!

The Grand Canyon Railway...don't ever take this.  It was the longest train ride of my life...the train went 1 mile an hour.  I could have jogged faster to the Grand Canyon.  I thought the kids would be totally entertained riding in a train so I didn't pack anything...we were sadly mistaken.  My kids asked when we would get there 10 minutes took 2.5 hours

I almost 100% positive that this was one of Brian's most stressful days of his life.  I was going to kill him...right before going to the Grand Canyon he decided it would be a good idea to read, "Over the Edge."  It is a book about all the people who have fallen to their death at the Grand Canyon in descriptive detail.  I am pretty sure he lost years off his life that day.  This is me manhandling the kids...they were not happy.  Not the most relaxing vacation I have ever took.

So we finally broke down and got a pool.

The Phoenix Zoo where the only animals to survive the summer are camels.