Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reason I love the Fall

Disneyland is so fun at Halloween time, all the villains walk around the park. Cruella DeVille is my favorite, she is always talking about how horrible children makes me laugh every time. (My niece Abby came to visit us for a few days)

The beach is deserted in the Fall.

I love Fall weather. This year we actually had some...I had to force my kids into long pants. Cole still refused to wear a coat though.

Cole monster's birthday is in the Fall. He turned 3 this year!

The Pumpkin Patch...even though ours is in a parking lot between 2 extremely busy streets. (Cole took a good hour deciding which pumpkin he wanted...Ella and I tried to help him but after a half an hour we just sat down and watched him walk from pile to pile.)


The people running the pony rides reminded me of Santa's elves on "The Christmas Story"

This was the largest face painting I have ever seen.