Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Capet Twillight Premiere

Okay, first of all, my camera is broke. I don't know what happened but I can't post my Halloween or anything else until I send it back...which requires me going to the post office...my absolute worst chore (if you get a package from me this is a big deal). This could take weeks, months...it just depends on how long I procrastinate. Anyway, I will have nothing new for awhile, which should not be anything new but I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving in the meantime.

So I went to the Twillight Premiere with my girlfriends...yes, we did scream along with hundreds of teenage fans and yes, I felt a little nerdy but it was so much fun and I figure I better do some things like this before we leave. And what better premiere to go to than that of my beloved Twillight. I still haven't seen the movie but it was interesting to watch how premieres work.
p.s. I now really want to be famous. I was so tempted to jump the fence and go running in the theater. One girl was actually picked from the crowd to see the premiere for having a Twillight tatoo...which she proudly displayed for all to see (yikes)...another was picked for her awesome vamp outfit. If only I would have known... Anyway, it was a fun night, as if I needed to be more star struck.

Access Hollywood


Jenny Garth who is the wife of Charlie

Stephanie Meyer, who by the way is the cousin of one of our best friends from Portland. I wanted to shout that out to her when she walked by and see if she might invite me in.


Jacob Black


A sobbing Twillight fan who had us in tears explaining how much she loved Twillight. I am not kidding when I thought Rachel Riley might have to recess her from hypervenilating. This is after she got Edward's signature.





Denny from Gray's Anatomy, I love him.


Some wild fans