Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

So what do you do when it is 120 degrees outside and you can't go to the pool??  We have all been sick with something that refuses to go away.  It has taken everything that is in me to find projects and activities to keep us sane and if you know me that is a stretch.

The Fourth of July wreaths we made...this one is Ella's.  She took multiple breaks every few minutes before finishing hers but it was worth all her hard work.

Also can be used as a festive Fourth of July hat.

Our neighborhood bike parade.  We decorated the bikes late the night before. ..they both put a lot of thought into the things they wanted to decorate with.  At one point Cole picked up a decoration and said, "What about this little beauty?"

The Driving Range at the Raven...this is the golf course in our neighborhood.  This is Brian almost at his happiest.  

Another activity to keep us busy.  I don't ever paint my own nails and I know it doesn't look like it but it took all my effort and focus to produce this Fourth of July masterpiece on Ella.

After this week I think I might be a little more accepted in the crafting world.