Thursday, June 28, 2012


So we discovered this place called Jumpstreet and we could have stayed all day.  They have rows of trampolines, a foam pit, inflatable obstacle courses, a bull ride, and my favorite...a trampoline dodgeball court (I was surprised I only had to sign one waiver).  

So Cole and Ella really wanted to go and play dodgeball but they couldn't play unless an adult was with them...I just want you all to know that I entered the dodgeball courts fully aware that it was not the best idea.  Before the game started I was quickly trying to explain to my kids the object of the game is not to get hit, and right when the ref's whistle blew some seasoned 7 year old hits me like a bullseye...I was first to leave the court.  So embarrassing...Cole however was one of the last standing...haha, judging by the look on his face I think he was scared for his life.

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Cheryl said...

We went there on a double date!! Sans kids. I really want to take the kids now cause it was so fun. And, I think we would get less people staring at us. Hehe.