Monday, October 31, 2011


Ella..."But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?"

Cole..."Fly Of course!"

Back and Forth all night.

I don't know why I even try to get a normal group shot every never works.

This is me getting serious.

p.s. The only reason you do not see Brian in here dressed as Captain Hook is because he faked strep throat. I am pretty sure he felt better a few days ago but somehow it held on until Halloween night?????

The sheer joy only trick or treating brings to my kids.

I really went out of my area of expertise and tried making some monster fingers and eyeballs this year for Halloween. The eyeballs actually looked semi like the demo picture so I had to document it...I ate about 40 doughnut holes in the process and made myself sick but other than that it wasn't so bad.

Schnepf's Farm...the Disneyland of Pumpkin Patches

This is actually a historical carousel...

Cole was so proud of himself when he finally made it through the hay maze.

Petal push cars. I unfortunately had to petal through the track twice for my kids. My legs were dying after I got off and I was breathing really hard...the guy running the course asked me if I was alright. Haha

Boy to love them.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Cole Monster

Cole is 4!! What a fun kid...I spend most of my day trying not to laugh at him because I still think everything he says is so cute and funny but he gets so mad now because he is "NOT CUTE!" and "THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!" Most common phrases I hear from him...

Mom, let's wrestle.

Mom, are you serious.

Mom, I'm Wolverine and you're the bad Spiderman.

Man I love this kid. House pictures coming soon!!