Monday, March 23, 2009

Ella's Big Haircut

We were wondering if this was a good idea when the whole next day Ella kept saying, "I don't like my hair...I want my old hair back." I kept reminding her that Snow White has a great bob.  I also told her that I used to get my hair cut when I was little and before I knew it, it would be long again.  The next morning she suddenly remembered what I told her...went straight for a mirror, looked in it with hope and finally said as she slumped her shoulders..."Still short." I don't think we will ever again be able to convince her to cut her hair.  I had to do it was taking as long as mine to do in the morning...that's just not right.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Redondo Beach

Ella took a fieldtrip with her preschool to the Redondo Beach Pier last week. This is one of my favorite areas where we live...right next to the pier there is a farmer's market and a really nice park for the kids to play at. We got to play around for awhile before meeting everyone on the beach for lunch. All the kids brought kites to fly...even though we don't have seasons, we still like to celebrate them for those of you who are curious.

Cole was really excited about the whole kite flying business...he would get mesmerized by it and forget he was holding on to the end. I had to run after it like a fool a few times.

Cole loves the beach...I think this picture is so funny. He looks like he is just chillin

This is Ella's friend Natalie. They took turns holding our $1.00 kite from Target. These pictures make it look like I am a kite flying genius...turns out flying kites by the beach is really easy (no running involved)

Ella calls this thing the twisty turny. It is so funny to watch kids get on this...all you have to do is give it a little turn and it somehow goes faster and faster. They are always laughing as hard as they can and trying to hold on to it at the same time. This is them in action

People at the park call Cole Little Romeo. He is crazy about little girls his size. He can't get enough of them and will follow them around relentlessly trying to hug or kiss them. Most of them push him away and cry and then he starts to cry. I don't get it...he just loves them and won't give up. He is going to have a couple hard lessons to learn if he can't cut this habit. This little girl on this particular day happened to not mind all the attention. He was all over her...the only time I really had to intervene was when he went for the open mouth kiss. Her mother did not like that.