Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ella sang in sacrament today for the first time. We sang together I am a Child of God and Brian played the piano. We were worried she might get nervous and not want to sing but she ended up leading the way and pretty much running to the was really cute. She must get that from Brian's side :) Anyway, this is the outfit she wanted to sing in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Never ever let your husband go to purchase something at Best Buy ALONE

So hallelujah, we have a camera!  And I would like to take a minute and address all the harassing that went on during our blog break.  I am not a deep thoughts blogger, I need a picture...I was waiting patiently for my camera to get started again and you will never believe what actually took so long.  So we sent our camera in to get fixed thinking we would have it back before Christmas (bitter subject...I had to use the disposable cameras for Christmas this year where all you can see is a face...half the pictures are so dark we can't even figure out what gift the kids are holding up...that's okay, Christmas 2008 really wasn't that important) Anyway, the camera's warehouse happened to burn down!  We couldn't get a hold of them for weeks because of the fire and once we did it took them forever to find out that they had never received our camera.  So then we had to deal with the post office who decided they didn't have it either.  We luckily put insurance on the camera but by the time this process was over and after a million phone calls, I was so irritated.  Brian could not have been happier.  He loves electronics and as he was searching for a new camera he also decided we needed a new computer.  So last Saturday I sent him to Best Buy to look.............He came home with a new Apple (that I do not know even how to attempt to work and consumed 30 minutes of my day yesterday trying to figure out how to turn on the internet), a new printer, a camera, memory cards, cords that I am sure are not necessary AND he told me he almost decided to throw in a new LCD TV while he was there.  On his behalf, I did tell him to just get what he wanted BUT I did not mean for him to get everything in his heart's desire.  Anyway, I learned a lesson and a couple of things were reinforced to me.

I still hate the post office
Disposable cameras should be illegal to sell
Never ever let your husband go to Best Buy alone

Cole loves to play in the car

One of these days he going to drive off and leave us. Up side to this...entertains Cole for long periods of time. Down side... when I go to drive my car it is all jacked up and takes me at least 10 minutes to figure out how to get it back to normal.

Some photos from the Beach

These are the Christmas pictures we took at the beach this year. It happened to be one of the most windy days of the month. Ella's hair looks like a lion's mane and for most pictures all my hair is stuck to my lip gloss. Poor Jonathan trying to get us all looking decent at the same time.