Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holy Crap

I'm sorry, I just didn't know what else to name this entry. We have been going from one thing to the next lately...I actually really like to look at blogs every once in a while to see what people are up to so here's what we have been up to....

My little sister Brittany got married in the SLC temple. When we were younger I used to pretend she was my daughter. I can't believe she is married now. I am so happy for them, they are both the kind of people you just always want to be around.

I did not see Cole and Ella for the next week of our vacation. They were in complete heaven with so many cousins to play with. Ever since Christmas, EVERY DAY, Cole asks for his cousins and constantly prays for them. It was so nice to finally get to see them. Now all we have to do is endure another 6 months of constant praying and pleading.

This is my family and my cousins, we haven't all been together for about 10 years.

This is backstage at my studio's dance recital. Ella had so much fun with her friends...she is such a show off. She gets that from Brian. My costume was too embarrassing to blog this year but a few choice church members got to enjoy the show:)

These are my Goldilocks girls, our jr. company team.

Memorial Day was so fun this year. We stayed at the beach for a long time and played a little beach volleyball with our was a pretty sorry sight, but entertaining.

This is at Pixie Hollow...Terrence borrowed Cole's golf club he randomly brought to Disneyland that day. He kept on trying to hit a pine cone with it, he was pretty bad at it but Cole thought it was the greatest day ever when he gave him the pine cone to keep.
p.s. we still have that stupid pine cone floating around our house.

The sheer joy Disneyland brings to my children.

Cole was not so sure about Sulley so I had to pose in the picture with him...he looks pretty uncomfortable.

Cole with his pinecone. Ella couldn't stop laughing at Terrence.

This is at the Getty Museum, it overlooks L.A. Two of my best friends came out to visit me. We took them here to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. They had a bunch of his sculptures and sketchings. It was incredible.

We also went to the fashion district and the star walk. This was my favorite thing we came across. I still love Harry Potter.

Random people dress up on the star walk. It is pretty entertaining to see. We both thought our boys would love it if we told them we ran into Spiderman. This dude had a lot of trick up his sleeves, he was more flexible than me.