Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poor Cole

Lately Cole has been falling asleep in some of the most uncomfortable positions. He keeps himself awake until the last possible second then collapses from sheer exhaustion. Most of the time we go to check on him after he has been sleeping a long time, he will just be playing in his crib not making a peep. He's a pretty content little baby (unless he's hungry).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Manhattan Beach

Ella and Cole love the beach...they have sand on every inch of their little bodies after about 5 minutes or so. Cole is really funny, he just scoots along the sand letting the waves hit him...he loves to try out all the different rocks and shells as he explores.

Oh How We Love Disneyland

Mom and Brittany came out to visit us last week. It was so fun to have them here as always. Brittany got out-shined by Aurora this Disneyland trip. If you can't tell we are on a first name basis with the princesses...if you had a dollar for every minute you spent waiting for the princesses you would be one rich sucker.

10 Year Reunion

These are the only pictures I have of my reunion...ofcourse my camera battery died. I wish Brian could have been there but I really had fun seeing all my high school friends again. First trip without my favorite part? Reading my Twillight book without interruption. However, I didn't escape motherhood entirely because Meckenzie's baby spit up orange crap all over my shoulder at the picnic. She's cute, I'll forgive her.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Recent Pictures

The Army Crawl

Cole loves to Army Crawl everywhere he goes.
The only time we have seen him crawl normal is
when he is on grass because he doesn't like how it

Who Let The Frogs Out?

Waiting back stage with her friends.

This year's theme was "It's a Jungle Out There" I know, my tribal outfit is awsome...I actually had to dance in that thing.

This year Ella was in her first dance recital! She danced to "Who Let The Frogs Out?" She was so cute to watch and apparently has no reservations about being on stage. There was about 750 people at our recital this year and I was a little nervous she would freeze...but she shook it like her mama. I teach Ella in my youngest dance class which always proves to be a little tricky...she thinks she is entitled to everything and has to be first to do anything. I try to talk with her and help her understand...we obviously still have a ways to go!